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Paying the Ultimate Price: The Cost of Heroin Addiction

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Heroin is one of the most devastating addictions you can have. It is easily one of the most deadly drugs available on the black market today. Overdose deaths alone have prompted the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control to consider it an epidemic and a major health concern. Unfortunately, heroin addiction is back on the rise after a brief downturn in the early 2000’s. If you are addicted to heroin, you probably should know what your addiction can cost you.

Most people realize that heroin is a low-cost drug. It can cost only $10 to $20 per hit. Unfortunately, this cost does not stay low. As you build a tolerance to heroin, you will find yourself spending more and more on the drug. Some people find themselves taking up to 5 or 10 hits at a time, depending on the quality of the drug. This can mean spending hundreds of dollars per day to avoid going into the horrors of heroin withdrawal.

The actual cost of heroin can rapidly deplete your savings. Using heroin and maintaining employment is also just about impossible. Heroin essentially makes you not want to do anything except for using more heroin. You soon find yourself going in late to work or missing work entirely. This is where most people lose their jobs. Loss of employment increases the financial burden of heroin addiction.

When you lose your job, you may resort to stealing from family or friends to support your addiction. This can cause you to damage your relationships with those around you, leaving you alone. Stealing is not the only aspect of heroin addiction that may cause you to lose your relationships. The fact that you use heroin alone may cause a rift between you and those that you love. Most people who use heroin, become withdrawn, moody, and even violent. It does not usually take long before those closest to you no longer want to be around you.

Heroin addiction will also cost you your freedom. When you are an addict, it is only a matter of time before you are caught using, possessing, or dealing heroin. In cases like these, you will be arrested and usually, law enforcement can get a conviction. This means that you will find yourself in jail. Incarceration can also cost you your ability to get your life back together. A conviction often results in the inability to get a good job in the future.

The ultimate cost of heroin addiction is your life. Without a reputable heroin detox, like those on, you will eventually overdose. No matter how much you think you are in control of your heroin addiction, there is always the possibility of an overdose. Most times an overdose results in death. You can easily take too much heroin, mix heroin with something like alcohol, or get a batch of heroin that is bad. All of these things can cause you to lose your life to your addiction. Do not let heroin cost you everything you care about, seek help now.

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