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Impact of beautiful site designs on conversion

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Internet has ‘taken over’ mankind- there’s no denying that-but fortunately in a good way. You want to shop? There’s a site for it; you want ideas about science fair project? There’s a site for it; you want to listen to the latest songs – literally thousands of sites for that. If I keep writing about sites and their uses – I might as well publish a novel instead of this article!

The ease of accessibility of internet means the ecommerce market is one of the toughest there is! So unless your site is a shining bright star with unique designs, and is easy to use- your site will most definitely get lost in the gargantuan cyber world.

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What is web design?

The definition of web design- in lay man’s term-is the process of planning and conceptualizing electronic files which in turn determine the layout, text, and the overall design of the site. Sounds simple right? But believe web designers nowadays face more competition than leading fashion designers.

The impact that design of the site has on its purpose is profound. Say for example a website is intended to sell kid’s toys-lets be more specific: it’s designed for girl’s dolls. So what kind of things come to your mind when imagining Barbie dolls and stuff: vibrant pink and all the glitters and rainbow there is in the world right? So that’s how the design should be! The design of the site will captivate the customer and encourage him/her to explore your site which means higher chances of sales! The idea is very similar to a toy shop- a dull toy shop is bound for bankruptcy!

Statistics regarding web design impacts

It is estimated that the user spends about 6 second observing the site logo- so care must be taken when designing this- the site logo has to be such that its uniqueness helps the user to retrace him/her back to the site. Take for example the colorful logo of E-bay.

Now we all know in such an enormous market of sites a user is highly unlikely to give a site a second chance-therefore the first impression you make on your user with your site is the key to find a loyal customer, and guess what about 94% of this impression is design related! This clearly shows the significance of site design on sales and conversion of product in a site.

In a consumer web search study conducted by Stanford found staggering results. The reason for trust and loyalty laid my customers is often very different than what the users usually tell us. The data suggests that an average customer prefers a site with better typography, fonts, colors, pictures- so basically better design. Of course this is done subconsciously- I mean no one would say “ oh this site looks cool –I can trust this” this sounds strange- but in reality the mechanism of customer’s minds are exactly like this according to the study.

How to make significant impact with your design

Make sure your design is not irrelevant- as this would misguide the user and often confuse them. Now here I would like to point out the fact that simple sites with unique and simple designs often astonishingly stand out than the overly embellished sites. This is mainly because of a key factor: the ease with which users can interact with the site. Your site may be very beautiful but what’s point if user’s find it hard to understand the way it works. Therefore, a simple design is often far more effective. This reminds me of a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci: Simplicity is the best form of sophistication.

In conclusion- site design is the most significant factor for conversion – it needs to be done meticulously so that it is beautiful, simple and unique all at the same time!

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