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All That You Need To Know About Sugar Skull Makeup

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I know sugar skull makeup might be a new term for you because a celebration of the dead is also a new vocabulary to you. Sit down and relax, I’m here to take you through this. It is no doubt that we all have a fear of death. Nobody likes losing their loved ones because that means you will not see them again shortly. Therefore, in some countries, death is celebrated uniquely. One of these countries is Mexico where there is a special day for the dead called Dia de Los Muertos.Well; the celebrations are linked to the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day.

Though death is much feared, to Mexicans, have learned to accept it, and that is why they have a holiday for celebrating the departed souls. For them, it is a time where everyone should be happy and dress up in vibrant makeup.

Some of the famous and most significant symbols of Dia de Los Muertos are the exhaustively devised sugar skull makeup that is one of the preferred ways of giving a tribute to the dead.

  1. Dia de Los Muertos Makeup

I don’t mean to make you afraid and stop reading this article, but you will need some skills to get the best face paint like Dia de Los Muertos makeup. Having a well-drawn sketch will give you a good idea of what your sugar skull makeup will look like.

So, commence by designing some sugar skull designs and only start applying the face paint when you are sure that is the design you want. Developing the best skull design may not be a simple thing for you because you are not acquainted with the celebrations of the dead. But don’t worry. That is why I’m here to guide you.

  1. Dia de Los Muertos symbols

The most used symbols of the Dia de Los Muertos are the skulls which may range from sugar skulls to special Jewry. Flowers are also integral elements of the symbols so you can add them to your design or use them to augment your final appearance. The commonly used flower is marigold which is referred to as the flower of the dead.

  1. Recommended Makeup Products

Nowadays, the art of sugar skull makeup has escalated into an artistic makeup design, which merges various complex face –paint with different flowers, sequins and any other exciting elements you may find in your room. Some of the products that you should ensure you have included; white canvas, cream makeup, makeup pigments, eyeliners pencils and, eye shadows.

Before you start drawing the designs, it is recommended that you apply a white powder to make the foundation strong and ensure the skull has that gruesome, skull-like finish which is the ideal foundation for your Muertos design. The next important step is to use eyeliner pencils to make your design lively. If you want to make a graphic look, you can choose to use water activated colors for better results.

If you are good at blending the colors and shapes, sugar skull makeup will not be a hard thing for you to do. An ultimate goal is to get a thrilling and stylish version of the facial skeleton which is anatomically drawn. A reminder; use black color in the cheek hollows, eye regions and nose tips.

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